Wrestling Vs MMA: Know All Essential Information and Differences 

Are you thinking of building interest in fighting sports? Are you confused between Pro wrestling and MMA? If you are, this article will help you decide which one is best.

Most people always get confused between MMA and Wrestling. Some people support MMA and some support Wrestling. And some people assume that both fighting sports are the same. If you also think that both are the same. You’re mistaken as there are critical differences between both sports. However, both are similar but have significant differences in roles. We will discuss the contrast between both sports in detail in this article.


Wrestling is a sport where two competitors fight to win. In this game, both opponents try to force each other to touch the ground. An individual who successfully lifts some part of their body (other than the feet) of the competitive opponent on the ground will be considered a winner. There are three types of wrestling. You will get to know about all three below:

  1. Lose Style

Lose style of wrestling is an international style of wrestling. The lose style of wrestling starts with wrestlers separated and free to use any grips to their opponent except forbidden grips that can take the lives of a wrestler.

  1. Belt And Jacket Styles

Belt and jacket style of wrestling is a style that the clothing of the wrestlers provides a principal. In this type of wrestling clothes of wrestlers are used to make a grip.

  1. Catch And Hold Style

The catch and hold style of wrestling is also an attractive style in which the wrestler is advised to hold before the fight begins. And they have to maintain that hold throughout the contest.


MMA, also understood as mixed martial arts is a full-contact fighting game. MMA combines various fighting skills, sports, and techniques like judo, taekwondo, and wrestling. The rules of MMA allow wrestlers to use striking and grappling techniques. Three components are the basis of MMA. You will get the detail of the three-component of MMA below:

  1. Grappling

Grappling is a method to hold an opponent to push them to lie down on the ground. This component requires various skills and techniques.

  1. Striking

Striking is also an exciting component of MMA. A wrestler can attack their competitors with any body part as MMA is a mixture of several fighting techniques.

  1. Submission

Submission is a technique where an opponent locks at their competitor’s find. This technique, This component of MMA, is one of the complex techniques as wrestlers find it difficult to unlock their joints.


Wrestling and MMA are similar, but you cannot assume both are the same. Both sports have many differences in their fighting techniques. Wrestling is a sport where two opponents force each other by several methods to touch the ground. At the same time, MMA combines several techniques and sports that use to fight each other. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in differentiating wrestling and MMA.

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