All-Time Best Action Movies

All you need to make a movie is a girl, a gun, a few explosions, several car chases, some knockdown mano, mano fistfight, kung fu, and any number of sword fights. The action had become a part of the film since the days when keystone cops and mustache-wielding villains tied heroines to railway tracks; you could also argue that pulling a train to brother’s station, which allegedly caused the audience to shout and flee the house, is the first example in the world of an action movie. The sacred trinity of cinema, such as thriller, cold, and spread, has been the main attraction of this medium for decades. And once the blockbuster era enters gear in the early 1980s, you can’t throw a hammer at a theatre without hitting something that enhances the “motion” in the motion picture.

We go to those movies when we want an uncut dose of that kinetic-movie crowd. Whip into yourself.

  • ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ (2015)

You don’t need to be familiar with the original 1960’s Spy Show – where Robert Vaughn and David McCallum came on the Bond-Light adventure (although frankly, Ian Fleming was a creative consultant for the series) – Guy Ritchie was fantastic for digging. Screen adaptations channel the era’s espionage-a-go style and add a dash of grit to the Cold War.

  1. ‘Escape From New York’ (1981)

A-When the president’s plane lands behind the walls of the country’s most dangerous, highest-security penny colony – aka Manhattan Island around 1997 – there’s only one person you can send to rescue a free world leader:

  • A former Special Forces soldier
  • A current federal prisoner
  • The surrounding Bedas Snake Plisken
  1. ‘Dead or Alive (1999)

You could probably accuse Takashi Mike’s Yakuza Flick of being a little derivative in the narrative section: a cop (Show Ikawa) is determined to bring down a mobster (Ricky Takeuchi) by any means. No one can say that Japanese filmmakers do not present this old chest of a story with the maximum panache and 200 bit-per-minute speed.

  1. ‘The Rock’ (1996)

Welcome … Rock. By far the best Michael Bay movie (all apologies, Armageddon fans) turns Alcatraz into a hostage situation, where a Gung-ho rogue general (Ed Harris) threatens to wreak havoc on the Bay Area. To neutralize the problem, the F.B.I. lists the only person who successfully escaped from the floating prison – and if it is not Bond 1.0 itself, Sean Connery.

  1. ‘Taken’ (2008)

The movie that officially marks the beginning of the era of Liam Neeson: the greatest AARP-Edge action hero of all time, begins fairly innocently: a missing, overly defensive father tries to mend a relationship with his teenage daughter years after he became an absent father.

  1. ‘The Fugitive’ (1993)

During the day when we saw it in a theatre, the audience spontaneously burst into loud applause after Kimble’s narrow escape from the prison bus.

  1. ‘Speed’ (1994)

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: There are bombs on the bus. The bomb was detonated when the bus went over 50 miles per hour. If it drops below 50, it will blow up. What do you do? If you are L.A.P.D? Officer Jack Travan, you “borrow” a civilian car, jump into a moving vehicle on the freeway and make sure the 13 passengers on board are not stuck near Smithrin.

  1. ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017)

Moviegoers have already briefly met Gal Gadget’s Amazon Warrior in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (let’s not talk about this movie again). But Patty Jenkins’ single outing featured the iconic D.C. Comics character who established Gadot’s Diana Prince – and transformed her bulletproof bracelet-wearing, true-ego – into a screen superhero.

  1. ‘Hero’ (2002)

Already an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Chinese Zhang Emu Crouching Tiger has pulled a page out of the playbook and mounted one of the most epic Uxia films to date – a fairy tale filled with color, sound, fury, thousands of casts, and some real meaning. Jaw-dropping fight sequence.

  1. ‘La Femme Nikita’ (1990)

French director Luke Besson has applied a great movie du Luke Euro-gloss to a Hollywood-style thriller: A gutter punk junkie (Ann Perryloud) has been arrested after a robbery. Instead of being arrested, the government declared her dead, renamed “Nikita,” and trained her as a deadly assassin.


Something else pumps blood like a good, old-fashioned action flick. From incredible set pieces to beautifully-choreographed action, of course, the fantastic one-liner, action is a reason for a favorite film genre. Popular action movies take all sizes and forms. The list includes everything from superhero movies to Hong Kong action thrillers and even a few flicks from Star Wars. Any filmmaker who wants to direct their action movies should watch them as everyone offers something great for the genre.

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