School Lunches

Food Police Replace Students’ Homemade Lunch

From the San Francisco toy ban to the use of experimental school lunches, it seems like the Food Police will stop at nothing in order to control what goes in our children’s mouths. The latest story of over-reaching governmental control comes out of North Carolina where a preschooler ‘ate chicken […]

First Lady Chastises U.S. Troops: Eat Your Veggies

It is well known that our American troops are some of the most physically fit people in this country. In addition to fighting for our freedoms, they spend countless hours undergoing rigorous, physically demanding training on a daily basis, but even this isn’t enough to satisfy the control-hungry food police. […]

Parents Beware, Experimental School Lunches are Here

In an effort to control what our kids are eating and impose a one-size-fits-all diet on Americans, the federal government released new nutrition standards for public school lunches on January 25th. According to USA Today, the changes include: “Establish maximum calorie and sodium limits for meals; require schools to serve […]

New Government-Approved School Lunches a ‘Disaster’

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District are quickly rejecting the newly imposed school lunch menus that included such items as black bean burgers, tostada salad, and fresh pears. The “healthy” lunch fare which complies with the USDA’s updated version of the Dietary Guidelines of America — represented now […]