About Us

My Food. My Choice! was founded in January 2010 in response to policies and proposals across the country that would diminish consumer freedom.

The mission of My Food. My Choice! is to mobilize a grassroots movement through education, direct action, and a heaping helping of righteous ridicule. My Food. My Choice! will be a driving force behind jamming food fascism into the garbage disposal of history.

My Food. My Choice! recognizes that the growing campaign by local governments and now nationally, through the White House and various federal agencies, to ban certain foods or tax them off the market is a dire threat to individual liberty. If the state can control what we eat, there is nothing the state can’t control. My Food. My Choice! is the citizen-led counterweight to local and national government bullies who’ve decided that the path to unlimited power is through our stomachs.

The state is free to make diet recommendations to the public, but any attempt to limit food choice is tyranny of conscience, an unacceptable breach of individual liberty. The American people should retain the freedom to choose what we eat, where we will eat, when we will eat and how much we will eat.

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