Shaking up the Conventional Wisdom on Salt

Mark your calendars and gear up for a celebration because

July is National Pickle Month! Ever thought where would we be be without pickles? The Times of Israel did an interesting piece on the the history and influence of pickles.

“Walk into a kosher deli and a big bowl of pickles is typically waiting at the table. Ever wondered why? “Pickles are vital to the deli experience,” says Rabbi Gil Marks, author of “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food.””

Pickles are just one of the many food items in danger of regulation by the Food Police. If these nanny state policies are passed and Big Government succeeds in banning, regulating and taxing our food, national treasures like the pickle will never be the same again!

Check out our interview with Guss’ Pickles in New York City after Bloomberg launched his infamous war on salt.

Learn more about our ‘culinary love story’ with the pickle at Times of Israel.

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