Food Police Fine School for Accidently Selling Soda

Fine arts programs in a Salt Lake City high school are now threatened due to a fine handed down by the federal government.

In a totally ridiculous sentence decreed by the power-hungry Food Police, Davis High School had to pay a $15,000 fine for accidentally selling soda during the students’ lunch period.

Fox News reports,

It is truly unbelievable the lengths that the federal government will go to in order to bully our schools–they force taxpayers and parents to support a more expensive lunch menu, they ban drinks other than water, and now severely punish those programs who don’t comply with their rigid standards (even accidentally).

Despite it’s intended goal of punishing the school, it has instead punished the students because the money needed to pay this was pulled from their extracurricular programs. The misdirected fine will probably even have the opposite effect as highlighted by the school’s principal on The Blaze.

“The ban isn’t forcing students to stop drinking or eating the sugar-laced food and drink. It’s just driving them to places where they can get it. “The misconception is if we don’t let kids buy candy and pop, we drive them to the cafeteria, it doesn’t drive them to the cafeteria it drives them off campus,” Burton told KUTV.”

For a school that’s already cash strapped, we guess the students will just need to rely the tried and true school fundraiser, bake sales, to raise the extra money. No wait…they’ve been banned too.

Continue reading at The Blaze and Fox News.

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