First Lady Chastises U.S. Troops: Eat Your Veggies

It is well known that our American troops are some of the most physically fit people in this country. In addition to fighting for our freedoms, they spend countless hours undergoing rigorous, physically demanding training on a daily basis, but even this isn’t enough to satisfy the control-hungry food police. In a visit to Little Rock Air Force base, First Lady Michelle Obama marked the second anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign aimed at limiting all aspects of consumer food freedom. It’s at this Arkansas base where the military is “experimenting” with a pilot nutrition program that operates under the veil of “improving the quality and variety of foods served on base.”

The Washington Post reports,

“Under the Military Health System’s new obesity and nutrition awareness campaign, more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lower-fat entrées will be coming to the 1,100 service member dining halls in coming months. Healthier choices will be turning up in base schools, vending machines and snack bars, too…Under the new program, each of the armed services will be asked to update menu standards for the first time in two decades and to ensure that healthier food choices are available.”

As if mandating menus wasn’t enough, Obama spoke to the troops like she was talking to little children who didn’t finish their dinner. The NY Times reports “Obama told airmen at the mess hall, ‘Thank you for eating your vegetables. We need you strong.’ as several stared guiltily into half-eaten plates of broccoli.”

The last thing our hard-working military men and women need are a bunch of tasteless, low-fat entrees being served to them once they are finally able to sit down for a warm meal. Not only that, it’s becoming clear that this type of experimentation has detrimental effects on our children. Why force our military to undergo the same punishment as well?

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